Des LogoLocated in Subotica Serbia, DES was started as an off-shoot of a larger metal working parent facility. Founded in 1961, DES has been producing the finest copper stills for more than half a century. DES is actually an acronym for “Defektni Sluh”, which translates from the Serbian as “Hearing Disabled”.

This is because since it’s inception DES has made it it’s practice to hire and train the hearing disabled who graduate from a nearby school for the deaf, also located in Subotica. The loud nature of the production facility forces co-workers to communicate with hand signals.

This made the hard of hearing from the local school an ideal source of perfect candidates for work in the factory. Because it is difficult to find work with a hearing impairment, those with hearing disabilities were only too happy to accept jobs at the local factory, which as the name implies, was founded explicitly to provide them with training and employment.

Since 1961, DES has been transforming Serbia’s hearing impaired into some of the finest Master Coppersmiths  working on The Old Continent today. We here at God’s Gift Distribution are proud to have them as our partner, and honored to have earned their trust to promote and distribute their amazing line of products here on The New Continent!