About Us

Our goal here at God’s Gift Distribution, in cooperation with our partners Unuk Import/Export and DES Subotica, is to provide amateur, professional and would-be distillers with the finest distillation equipment at affordable prices.

200 L Boiler Lid Handles and Water Seal Cup Connection

The journey began with a trip to visit friends in Serbia. After seeing the vibrant home distillation culture that existed there, and partaking in”cooking” several batches of home made “rakija” (fermented fruit based brandy), we returned with a fervent desire to do the same at home.

60 L w/Vapor Filter 2

After searching long and hard on the internet, we found only cheap, home made, inferior quality stills, and very complicated very expensive stills completely unsuitable for the amateur distiller. In order to get a still like the ones we saw in Serbia, we had to order it from Serbia.


The process of buying, shipping, handling the paperwork with customs and taxes etc. proved to be very stressful and complicated. And thus God’s Gift Distribution was born. We have taken the pain out of the process of buying and importing the finest batch distillation copper pot stills and distillation accessories available on the market today, and we provide them at prices that simply can not be matched. So join us and the growing community of at home distillers who experience the joy and satisfaction of distilling their own home made spirits! Welcome!